Namah Softech Pvt Ltd


As a leader and innovator, Namah Softech Pvt Ltd has had an illustrious past. Our future holds the promise of even greater achievements, provided we remain forward-looking, performance-oriented and agile, capitalize on our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses.

The challenges are tremendous and we do not have time on our side. What we do have is the vision, the commitment and the expertise to become a leader, where leadership is not just being the biggest, but the best – in terms of people and their competitiveness, the quality of our products, the value we provide to our consumers, and all our business processes

Our motto is to use our in-depth and profound knowledge of the market to ensure a fair deal to our Principals. To provide personalized service, on-schedule deliveries and reliable quality at competitive prices at all times through our expertise while making it a working pleasure for our staff, promoters and our customers.

The group’s management is always working on innovative ways of marketing products and is equipped to take up challenging assignments in diverse fields. The management is open to change, and decisions are taken with the active participation of the concerned staff members to have an impact even at the field staff Level.

Our people have crossed the first hurdle by understanding and accepting the need for change. The company is now well on its way to changing its mindset completely. We are moving towards being market-led, customer-centric and totally concentrated on costs and speed of response. Our people have displayed their capability in doing mammoth-sized projects and have a tremendous spirit. It is our people, therefore, who hold the key. This is why we are concentrating more than ever before on human resources and are thriving continuously to follow the best practices.

We recently shifted to our new corporate building, which has excellent facilities comparable to some of the best in India. This excellent work environment will help to fulfil our dreams and achieve our vision.

Integrity, transparency and ethical behaviour are the core values of the group and our religious adherence to them has brought to us prosperity. (Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Purposefulness, Trust, Responsibility, Citizenship and Caring)

Our long-term success requires a total commitment to exceptional standards of performance and productivity, to working together effectively, and to a willingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously.

To succeed also requires, we believe, the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and the environment on which we have an impact. This is our road to sustainable, profitable growth, creating long-term Success and Prosperity.