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Get Your Business and IT Strategies Aligned

Information technology (IT) consulting services help you shape a winning IT strategy. In IT consulting since 2019, Namah Softech can expertly guide your IT and digital transformation initiatives from strategy to implementation.

Our IT Consulting Services

Technology consulting



  • Clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Rackspace
  • Big data tools: Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, and more.
  • Immersive technologies: AR, VR
  • Computer vision
  • IoT
  • Blockchain


  • Estimating the value of your technology of choice may bring improvement in staff productivity, cost savings, competitive edge, and more.
  • Planning the road map of technology adoption, starting from license choice to implementation specification.


  • To gain maximum value from technology investment

Digital transformation consulting



  • Digitizing key business processes, increasing a share of automated task fulfilment.
  • Enhancing data analytics capabilities by implementing data science techniques and ML algorithms.
  • Enabling AI-powered personalization across your sales and marketing activities.
  • Introducing digital tools to improve the performance of your employees, digitizing document traffic.
  • Setting up digital collaboration with your business partners, vendors, clients.
  • Upskilling your employees for digitally transformed processes.


  • To improve your business efficiency by planning, prioritizing and guiding your digital transformation initiatives

IT strategy consulting



  • Assessing the current state of your IT environment: applications and IT infrastructure complexity, application integrations, databases and data warehouses, development infrastructure.
  • Shaping the vision of IT supporting business needs: IT resources and their organization; cost-effective, stable, and scalable infrastructure.
  • Planning strategic initiatives to achieve the desired state: upgrade, modernization, migration, re-architecting activities.
  • Advancing the utilization of data resources for informed decision-making.
  • Raising the efficiency of cloud resources, transit to demand-driven cloud consumption.
  • Providing investment and time estimates for each initiative.
  • Prioritizing the initiatives.


  • To align your IT assets with current and anticipated business goals

IT solution consulting



  • Digital channels: e-commerce solutions, customer-facing web portals
  • Industrial processes: end-to-end supply chain solutions, IoT-empowered solutions
  • Internal business processes: CRM, HRM, ERP, operations management solutions, and more
  • Data analytics: solutions for data integration, management and storage, big data, data science, BI, ML


  • Analyzing your business requirements and scoping the solution functionality.
  • Deciding between a platform-based and custom solution (taking into account the budget, number of users, the existing software ecosystem, and more factors).
  • If a platform-based solution is a better choice, we compare relevant platforms, make a grounded choice of the best one, and create a functional specification with configuration, customization and integration details.
  • If a custom solution is chosen, we plan a resilient architecture, prototype the solution, and define the required project skills and roles.


  • To create solutions with the best value and cost of ownership

Virtual CIO consulting



  • Setting up and revising IT goals for different departments.
  • Supervising upper-level IT staff.
  • Assessing costs, ROI and risks of new IT initiatives.
  • Prioritizing IT-related activities according to their urgency and time-to-value.
  • Overseeing IT infrastructure to ensure the best cost of ownership of technology assets.


  • To outsource the management of IT resources and IT strategy management

Dedicated IT consulting services

Cybersecurity consulting

Making your IT environment and assets immune to outsider and insider cyber threats

Cloud consulting

A strategy for cost-effective use of cloud resources and unfailing performance of deployed apps.

Crisis management consulting

Guiding your company through a critical situation, be it a financial crisis or a natural disaster.

Remote work consulting

Fast and well-organized transition of business processes and employees to a remote mode.

IT infrastructure management

An all-around mitigation strategy for IT infrastructure problems and continuous supervision of infrastructure operation.

Make IT a Growth Driver

An experienced IT consultancy, ScienceSoft offers to raise your business’s IT maturity and bring tangible business outcomes of well-planned digital transformation.